Kanye West speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Kanye West is undoubtedly a wise man. The wisest words he’s ever spoken? “Relationships are a more important currency than money itself.”

Context: The Twilight Years of Sensate Liberty and the Sensate Era

In our present sensate age, we’ve come to center our conceptions of virtue and value alike around material acquisition, primarily in the form of currency. Money. …

“Only the power of unbounded love practiced in regard to all human beings can defeat the forces of interhuman strife, and can prevent the pending extermination of man by man on this planet. Without love, no armament, no war, no diplomatic machinations, no coercive police force, no school education, no…

My copies of Happy Moscow and DMT: The Spirit Molecule

It’s not often that Soviet literature and psychedelic science overlap, but when they do, you can be sure that I’ll be among the first to catch it.

That being said, even I was caught by surprise by the parallels between a strange substance mentioned in Andrei Platonov’s novel “Happy Moscow”…

Visual Representation of the Dilemma (Original)

On several occasions now, I’ve found myself having typed out one particular tweet only to delete it with a big sigh every time. The tweet is not so much a desperate plea for help as much as it is an invitation for the best and brightest out there to help…

Image from Wikimedia Commons


It is impossible to concern oneself with politics without concerning oneself with sociality. After all, even the classical thinkers began their exploration of politics with sociological premises in mind, because as Aristotle put it, “man is by nature a social animal… [and] seeing then that the state is made…

Beryozovaya Roshcha, “Birch Grove” park in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Photo taken from my Instagram

Being from Montana, I am certainly no stranger to cold, harsh winters. However, that would not spare me from the baffled looks of friends and family when I told them I’d be heading to the middle of Siberia for the winter. Needless to say, their confidence in my ability to…

Posts From Underground

Essays on politics, philosophy, and culture by Ethan Charles Holmes | Complexity, Altruism, Liberty, Localism

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